Arguments Used in Blocking Fossil Fuel Projects

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This is part of a series on arguments that can be used in climate litigation. For more articles in this series, see the arguments series.

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General Strategies for Blocking Fossil Fuel Projects[edit]

To stop climate change, we need to challenge projects that will result in continued fossil fuel emissions. Projects that increase greenhouse gas emissions include oil exploration and drilling, coal mines, fracking, oil and gas pipelines, fossil fuel-fired power plants, deforestation, and the expansion of airports, roads, and ports.

  • Fossil-fuel projects can be challenged on non-climate related grounds, such as conventional air pollution, impacts to an endangered species, or failure to follow administrative law.
  • Fossil fuel projects can be challenged on human rights grounds because of the human rights impacts of climate change.

Challenging Fossil Fuel Projects on Procedural Grounds[edit]

Challenging Fossil Fuel Projects on Substantive Grounds[edit]

Challenges under National Law[edit]

Challenges on Humans Rights and Constitutional Rights[edit]