Komari et. al v. Samarinda Mayor

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While the primary argument of this lawsuit focuses on the government’s operation of granting mining licenses that are not following post-mine reclamation procedures and obligations that the government does not enforce, climate change used as a secondary argument. Plaintiff included one of the propositions that proved that the defendant had contributed to climate change in Samarinda.

The plaintiff submitted that under the Mayor’s reign, several climate-related events have occurred, including but not limited to; a) the air temperature increase in the city of Samarinda by 0.04 degrees/year; b) the increasingly large amount of rainfall in the city of Samarinda since 2012; c) the continuous increase of mud floods quantity in the city of Samarinda since 2008; d) the death of 9 children as a result of the mining pool which is not reclaimed.

-Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia, Number 138/PDT/2015/PT.SMR