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Welcome to the Climate Litigation wiki!
This wiki is a resource for those interested in using the courts and legal system to address climate change and to achieve justice for those impacted.

Lawyers, law students, and others can find an introduction here to the most important precedents, resources, and considerations in climate litigation, and a road map to starting a climate change lawsuit in your own country.

In this wiki you will find:

  • Examples of climate litigation brought previously in various countries, and the important precedents that have been set
  • An overview of key considerations and principles relevant to climate litigation
  • Connections to other resources on climate litigation, including organizations that are on the frontlines of using the legal system to address climate change

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing our planet today. Using the legal system to address climate change and its impacts will be an essential part of the global effort to meet this challenge.

Getting Started[edit]

These key pages provide an overview of the field of climate litigation:

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We invite you to help grow this wiki. Climate litigation is a highly dynamic area of ​​law. If you know more than this wiki does, share what you know with the rest of us!

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The information on this wiki is not legal advice or a substitute for legal counsel. You should not rely or act upon this information without seeking professional advice from a lawyer in your jurisdiction.

This wiki was originally created by the Leave it in the Ground Initiative (LINGO). LINGO works on high-impact initiatives to speed up the global transition to 100% renewable energy and keeping fossil fuels in the ground. You can learn more at