Youth v. Government of Mexico

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15 young people from Baja California filed a lawsuit against the Mexican government, to take action against climate change. The youth were accompanied by a good team of DAN Northwest Environmental Defense lawyers. His lawsuit was filed in Mexico City.


On 2020, fifteen young people from the State of Baja, California filed a federal lawsuit against the Mexican Government asks that the Mexican government issue regulations and public policies derived from the General Law on Climate Change and the Mexican Constitution. The General Law on Climate Change was passed in 2012 but, according to the plaintiffs, there are no regulations or public policies to implement the statute.

Relevant Law and Principles[edit]

Relevant Law and Principles[edit]


The case is still in process


Although a sentence has not yet been handed down, the legal interest of the young people has been recognized, and their claim has been admitted. Which can set a precedent for the youth of the country.